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Oct. 12th, 2010


We're working on a surprise for you guys. FYI.


Mod post.

We're not dead. Promise.


Since it's been a half year since it's been said -- You have ideas, we wanna hear them!

If you have requests or ideas for things you might want to see a scene of (such as how this one happened) feel free to leave us notes on things you're curious about, or wonder how they'd handle or anything from a time period to a word to a vogue passing fad, really, and Steph and I will throw darts at the idea (and very likely, possibly, each other >_>) and see what might just happen.

Aside from that, I hope everyone's enjoying the ride read.

-- Amanda; the sometimes voice of Edward and every other time just the fingers he's making do things that make me make far more engaging and hilarious faces than anyone save Steph gets


Edward is coming with Carlisle on housecalls today, after only a minor amount of cajoling on Carlisle's part and some half-assed speech about how observations are a vital part of practical application of learning medical theory.

Or Carlisle just wanted to drive around with Edward again.

Regardless, they are pulling up to the ranch house that holds his first patient inside - a young mother, whose husband is in the city nearby during the week for work.
Carlisle is starting to see patients tomorrow morning.

Which means:

Edward, are you coming or what?

The both of them have places to be.
I was having fun answering other questions and realized my lines blurred a bit between my thoughts and how Edward would take on things. As I'm going to be on hiatus this weekend in New Orleans, I'm opening this with the chance to ask questions about anything revelatory you might find of interest to ask.

Feel free to go wild, anything from silly to seriously thought provoking. Anyone and everyone, even my cohorts! I'll answer a few a night as internet access permits.

March, 1921

It's still Minnesota but the feeling in the apartment has lightened in the last week.

Edward is even sitting at the upright in the corner, willingly, playing through a complex melody.